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"Budinok igrashok" - my Santa Claus

13.12.21 - 16.01.22

Children will remain children as long as they believe in fairy tales, miracles and, of course, Santa Claus!

Writing letters to a grandfather with a white beard is a very important tradition for many people. And every child has the opportunity to share their most cherished dreams and desires! The New Year holidays bring the warmest memories and joy not only to children, but also to adults who remember the incredible moment of searching under the beautiful Christmas tree! After all, everyone wanted to find there the dream gift and make sure that Santa Claus received his letter.

So we want to remind you that the best helper for Santa Claus is the "Budinok igrashok" . This is where you can easily fill your magic bag with the best gifts - soft toys, robots, cars and other toys.

Remember, "Budinok igrashok" is my Santa Claus!

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