Diamond season at SOVA

01.02.22 - 31.03.22

Diamond season: SOVA jewelry house gives a diamond in one carat.

SOVA jewelers will make a ring with a one-carat diamond especially for the winner. In order to take part in the draw, it is enough to make a purchase in any SOVA store or on the website in the amount of UAH 15,000 with one check, register and wait for the draw.

The promotion is valid from February 1 to March 31, 2022 inclusive. The winner, who will receive a diamond ring, will be determined using the service on April 4.

Make your diamond dream come true!

SOVA Jewelry House is a Ukrainian trendsetter in the jewelry market. The brand's range includes collections with various inserts, but diamonds are iconic for the brand. Most SOVA products are designed in a concise, minimalist style. SOVA is one of the leaders in the Ukrainian jewelry market, which produces diamond jewelry. The brand's range includes more than 300 types of jewelry with these precious stones, which allows everyone to choose something special for themselves.

“The beginning of the year is a great opportunity to start the year not just with a clean slate, but also with a perfect diamond in one carat. We are grateful for the trust of every SOVA customer and want to make a significant gift that will be remembered for a long time. That's why we decided to play a one-carat diamond ring, which our jewelers will make individually for the winner, ”says Kristina Bashly, SOVA's Marketing Director.

For its jewelry, the SOVA brand buys diamonds that are pre-screened and certified by the GIA, which is issued exclusively by the American Gemological Institute and certifies the impeccable quality of the diamond. All diamonds over 0.3 carats receive certificates. SOVA collections also use diamonds of less than 0.3 carats, which do not require a GIA certificate, but are thoroughly tested by gemological experts who have been certified by the State Gemological Center of Ukraine and have permission to conduct their certification. More diamond jewelry from SOVA here.

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