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Forward to new knowledge and victories

11.08.22 - 12.09.22

Behind every step of someone small is the reliable shoulder of an adult. Soon, the children will move towards new knowledge and victories!
"House of toys" will help to become your reliable support throughout the entire school life of the child!
We have prepared a huge assortment of school supplies, educational game sets and many other useful curiosities with discounts of up to -50%! Take a look at our selection
Here everyone will find something original and necessary for their child.
For little ones, in our catalog you will find toys that introduce the alphabet and numbers, teach counting and reading, as well as develop the skills of spatial orientation, auditory perception, and comparison.
Schoolchildren will find our selection of fascinating games for studying various sciences useful - conduct interesting experiments and you will learn how everything "weird" becomes "regular".
And of course, let's not forget that childhood is joy and happy smiles.
Give the joy of the moment! Celebrate important events, reward pleasant surprises for successes. After all, sincere praise from parents is the best motivation to move forward to new knowledge and victories!