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ARBER is a Ukrainian brand of quality clothes, shoes and accessories for men and women. The motto of the company's founder Grigory Arber - "quality is always above price" - remains relevant today, thanks to which ARBER occupies a leading position among national fashion brands.

At ARBER you can choose classic suits, trousers, jackets, shirts, polo shirts, T-shirts, jeans, shoes and much more. In addition to business attire, Arber features casual and sport lines. All products are made of materials supplied in direct contact with the world's leading fabric manufacturers and are sewn in four own factories in Ukraine. The main line is complemented by the brand's premium line - GREGORY ARBER. It is represented by suits, jackets, pants, shirts, coats and knitwear made from premium raw materials from leading European manufacturers.

ARBER is an innovative approach to creating models, high-quality tailoring, clothes for an elegant image and special events in your life, represented by the largest retail chain with more than 100 monobrand stores in all major cities of Ukraine.

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