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+38 097 621 08 55

понеділок-неділя 10:00 - 22:00

wem is a Swedish denim and casual clothing brand.

Brand slogan: One way or another | Feed yourself!

The philosophy of the wem brand: connecting generations.

wem offers trendy collections, stylish and fashionable fits that have no age restrictions and fit absolutely everyone!

The inspiration of wem is based on the harmonious and positive vibrations of the ancient knowledge of Scandinavia.

The 5 elements (runes) that contribute to the development of one's own capabilities and self-knowledge, from which wem draws inspiration and gives it to its connoisseurs, symbolize Health, Love, Creativity, Success and Protection.

Stay with wem and enjoy yourself!

We research and implement the latest eco-processing technologies in the production of our denim. And this is definitely a conscious choice, as it reduces waste and the use of primary raw materials, as well as significantly saves energy. That is why we prefer organic, ecological and recycled materials.

wem strives for uncompromising quality and absolute satisfaction of Clients' needs at every step. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new ways to extend the service life of our products, improving every element to achieve maximum comfort. To do this, we enrich fabrics with ecological fibers, for example, such as tencel or lyocell.

Patches on wem jeans, which by the way are made of apple fiber, rivets, bolts, labels and absolutely all tags are also subject to further processing.

Usually, denim tags and labels are thrown in the trash, polluting the environment, but if you plant ours, with pine and wildflower seeds, it will help make the world brighter.

We claim that all Consumers of wem jeans automatically join the club "wem for the preservation of Nature!".

So join in!

wem | feed yourself!

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