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TUSSO is a Spanish fashion accessories brand that has quickly conquered the hearts of fashionistas all over the world. TUSSO is a mix of current trends, the most striking design solutions and affordable prices. Today, stylish jewelry and accessories from TUSSO can be purchased in the brand's chain stores. The brand entered the Ukrainian market in 2013 and almost immediately took a leading position.

TUSSO collections are updated every two weeks - the brand not only takes into account the hottest trends, but also largely anticipates and defines them. Therefore, TUSSO managed to attract the attention of both very young fans of fashion experiments, and young women who are confident in themselves and their style. Jewelry and accessories of the brand can be seen on leading fashion bloggers and trendsetters, top leaders in the country. TUSSO is a partner of such popular shows as "The Bachelor", "Let's Talk About Sex", "All Will Be Good", "From the Boy to the Lady", "Surprise", TUSSO jewelry is filmed on akrtis in the youth TV series "School &"; and many others.

The choice at TUSSO is endless, professional and attentive consultants will always help you navigate the variety of models and create an individual image.

Everything new first appears in TUSSO!

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