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ZARINA Jewelry House is the first diamond jewelry brand in Ukraine, founded on September 28, 1998 by Natalya Netovkina with endless love and respect for women.
The main mission of the company is to reveal the value of every woman.

ZARINA Jewelry House is not just a jewelry brand. This is a powerful platform for uniting active women, jewelry from ZARINA is a source of strength and a tool for revealing the value of every woman. We believe that the main value is within every woman: thoughts, emotions, outlook on life, and jewelry is an impeccable addition to an image, and a tool that emphasizes individuality.

As part of the global rebranding in 2019, ZARINA has five sub-brands:

ZARINA You - You are value - in your mood. Bright decorations for a young audience. Jewelry that reflects the mood of its owner and the boundless desire for constant change and search for oneself.

ZARINA Story - Your value is in your stories. Sentimental decorations, each with a special event or story behind it. Personalized jewelry, jewelry with rubies is the perfect complement for romantic and sensual natures.

ZARINA Creative - Your value is that you are crazy. Bright as fireworks, decorations for creative people. These jewelry will not let their owners merge with the crowd. They attract attention and bewitch. Irregularity of forms, bright combinations and bold stylistic solutions.

ZARINA Jewel - Your value is self-love. Valuable combination of high quality gemstones, designer perfect shapes. Jewelry, deservedly considered "eternal classics". Jewelry that emphasizes the status of the owner and will never go out of fashion. It was the jewelry in the Jewel direction that the ZARINA Jewelry House became famous and won the hearts of thousands of women.

ZARINA Fine - You are value. These are not just decorations. The Fine line includes works of jewelry art. The owners of Fine jewelry are women who have already conquered all possible peaks and enjoy life, inspired by the beauty of ZARINA jewelry.

ZARINA is a socially oriented company that regularly provides support to young and young talents, participates in and initiates the creation of its own charitable projects, including the children's charity project "Christmas Tree of Desires", Vatutino House of Mercy, Father's House, as well as projects dedicated to Ukrainian heroes.

In 2019, ZARINA founded the social platform GIRL POWER, which provides shelter equipment for women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

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