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Convenient things that help you create your own style are irreplaceable. Therefore, modern women choose Weekend Max Mara. The brand impresses with an abundance of solutions with designer accessories and additions. In such things you are always great: on a walk, in the office and even at home.

Fun Facts: The casual line was launched in 1982 and was part of Max Mara. Soon the Weekend Max Mara line became an independent brand and includes a full range of items for all occasions.

The following facts will tell more about the brand: freedom of style - the collections combine things for the city and the suburbs, for walking and office, for playing sports and going out; comfort and practicality - clothes with an impeccable cut are made from quality materials; the symbol of the brand is a miniature butterfly, demonstrating lightness and natural beauty; street style inspiration - when creating new collections, designers draw ideas from city dwellers who are passionate about dancing, sports and life in general: natural fabrics - environmental friendliness can be traced in all collections of the brand.

Weekend Max Mara has become a real symbol of comfort and femininity. Graceful cut lines, maximum comfort and light textures are optimal for creating a flawless look. In such clothes, you always remain yourself.

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