The photo exhibition of women's beauty has been extended until April 30

08:00 - 20:00

The photo exhibition of women's beauty and inspiration has been extended until April 30.

MARY and POLINA - they,
And about two hundred other people,
They were finally able to implement it
All the dreams of these people !!!
In the photo, those who are 50+,
And even 70 - not age -
When you are full of happiness,
Your time will be canceled!
These are Nina, Olga and Susanna,
Ludmila, Nellie and Tatiana -
In the photo - as the Goddess!
Because they are creative and not calm,
They live to the fullest -
Wish Happiness to all,
And I believe that it will be so!
So dream and love yourself,
Appreciate Every Happiness Moment!

Nina Makarchuk dedicated this beautiful poem to the YA TAKA project, attending the opening ceremony of the photo exhibition at BLOCKBUSTER MALL. We are sincerely grateful to her for such a pleasant poetic response.

From Saturday holiday evening we are full of unforgettable impressions! We appreciate everyone who joined our social project of reincarnation and beauty!

We are especially grateful to the administration of the largest mall in Ukraine BLOCKBUSTER MALL for assistance in creating an exhibition of photographs of the project YA TAKA.
Also, we are incredibly grateful to receive from the photographer Nata Denisova a fixation of the sincere emotions of the guests of our exhibition.

Together with you we open a new world! After all, the goal of all of us is the same - to show Ukrainian women that beauty and self-care have no age limits!