"Litofest" in Galaxy

Galaxy Park

Amusement park

2 floor

09:00 - 19:00

Unreal cool news for everyone who has long dreamed of trying out the attractions of the Galaxyю

"Litofest" will take place on June 19, the main star of which will be the fabulous Anna Trincher! Incredible master classes, exciting shows, amazing surprises and a meeting with a real star are waiting for you!

And on this day we give an unlimited tariff - 250 UAH for entertainment throughout the day. Ride the attractions to your heart's content, look at all the play areas and locations where you have long dreamed of visiting! The tariff will not apply only to gaming machines and VR.

June 19 at 12:00
Galaxy Park at Blockbuster Mall (36 Stepana Bandera Avenue)

Summer and entertainment festival is coming soon! Are you with us