A joint project of Tina Karol with TM GIULIA



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The national manufacturer of hosiery brand GIULIA presents a collaboration with Tina Karol.

Today GIULIA is a name with more than 20 years of history of creating quality tights and stockings for every Ukrainian woman: elegant, stylish, purposeful and strong.

The large-scale retail chain of GIULIA stores offers its customers the highest quality goods and at affordable prices from the Ukrainian manufacturer of hosiery - Novomoskovsk Knitwear Factory.

GIULIA is always there!

The idol of millions, Tina Karol, became the muse and inspiration for the creation of a limited collection of tights and stockings "Scandal". Undoubtedly, Tina has long been an example of refined style and impeccable taste.

The "Scandal" collection is not about scandal at all, but rather it becomes a correct and very precise emphasis on women's seduction and beauty, which we often forget about in everyday life. Ukrainian women - beautiful, unique and feminine, who deserve to be like that every day - that's what our collection with Tina is about! The joint project of Tina with TM GIULIA once again emphasizes the power of a woman's beauty: tender, elegant, feminine, real, each of us!

The peculiarity of the production of tights and stockings "Scandal" is that they do not use lace elastic, but a unique silk ribbon - it has a smooth, very pleasant to the touch surface, which makes it invisible even in a tight dress and skirt. This exclusive element has long and meticulously developed for this model of stockings.

The inscription on the tights "Scandal" is a real allegory of women's life: smooth neat handwriting, which turns into arrows on the models - the character is direct and gentle, but you never know when the same scandal may happen.

With love to each, GIULIA and Tina Karol.