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Itis cafe


Coffee house   

1 floor 

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+38 050 376 01 30

понеділок-неділя 10:00 - 22:00

itis cafe is a project that presents a unique collection of products that reveal new, interesting taste experiences.

itis cafe presents Japanese mochi desserts with innovative cream ice cream, Dango from rice (Japan), unique products from: Matcha tea (Japan), Calpis (Japan) and aromatic Japanese citrus Yuzu (Japan), Mango fruit (India) and many another

itis cafe - a combination of modern design and technology with high quality and original taste of natural, authentic products of various cultures with quality service.

Live with taste - with benefit for yourself!


A tasting cafe is a place where you will be prepared and served a product in its original form, which reveals the correct understanding of its taste.

In the cafe, you can try both the main collection of authentic products and unusual seasonal novelties, turning every day of life into a holiday. A specially selected music collection, clean style and high-quality service make each new visit a welcome one... For your own good!

A boutique cafe is an opportunity to take products with you and enjoy the taste without interrupting your dynamic rhythm of life. Give yourself and loved ones the pleasure of new amazing experiences.

Live with taste - with benefit for yourself!

itis cafe makes the best of different cultures available, enhancing the quality of our daily lives.
Welcome to the world of new experiences!

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Itis cafe